Samantha is an International Psychic Medium who is currently based in Perth, Western Australia. Samantha is accurate and honest in her readings and demonstrations; giving names, dates, passing conditions and personal information. Samantha feels this helps with the grieving process and finds that this gives proof that although our loved ones have passed into the light, they have never left our side. Samantha finds helping others is a very humbling experience and is very grateful for the gift of communicating with the Spirit World so that she can comfort others. Samantha is also a healer and a Tutor offering weekly classes & workshops locally. Whilst in the U.K. she worked as an investigative Medium for an East Sussex Paranormal Group for which she is still an affiliated member.


Hi Sam, I really enjoyed my reading I had along with my mum and sister.  My dad came through straight away, which confirmed to me that he is still around so…

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