From an early age I was aware of ‘things happening’ & sensing spirit around me. From the age of 16, I was interested in Tarot readings and would also seek all different kinds of readings, searching for answers & was told that I would be doing readings one day myself, this interest went on for a few years, then ‘normal’ life took over.

In 1998 I resumed my ‘interest’ and completed Reiki I and Reiki II; this reawakened all aspects of my life and my thirst for everything esoterical. As I was healing I found that I was receiving messages whether it was a name or an event that had happened previously. This information made me realise perhaps there was something that I could do to help myself increase the content of the messages I was receiving. I started to attend various workshops from the ‘Light workers way’ to ‘working with Angels’.

In 1999 I started to attend a development circle and learnt many different ways to increase my awareness including attending trance development classes. My journey continued and I started to meet people on my pathway that steered me in different directions and I started to attend the Spiritualist Church. I found watching other mediums work on platform interesting and started to notice white lights around them and indeed the people they were working with. During this time I completed my Reiki Mastership/Teacher. This was a wonderful experience and things suddenly fell into place.

My 1st fledging evening on Platform was in November 2003 and the proof that spirit gave me was so humbling. The look on the lady’s face made my day; she was so pleased to have received a message from her brother who had passed 10 years previously. This inspired me to want to ‘help’ many more people and I started to seek out more workshops and development circles, including travelling to Bristol to see Gordon Smith & Doreen Virtue whose books have been very inspirational to me. I was introduced to the teachings of Tony Stockwell by Lynn Probert, who is an excellent medium and teacher herself. I attended Tony’s monthly workshops in Essex, England and also attended residential weekends and week-long courses at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, U.K. which is the home for the Spiritualists National Union (SNU)

The College has excellent teachers who are all very experienced mediums themselves. Here is where I met the wonderful Mavis Pittilla who has been a great mentor to me over the years as I believe that you never stop learning all your life.

I have continued to study with the Spiritualist National Union in the UK and over the last 5 years I achieved a Certificate Public Speaking & Evidential Mediumship – 2015 and a Certificate in Teaching 2016 and this year 2020, I achieved my Diploma in Demonstrating Evidential Mediumship, this has taken 8 years to achieve including 120 Essay’s and lots of assessments, so I am committed & dedicated to being the best I can be for the Spirit World, my students & my clients.

My qualifications are: CSNU t – teaching, CSNU s – speaking CSNU d – demonstrating Mediumship & now DSNU d – demonstrating Mediumship to a high standard.

As I have progressed on my journey, the spirit world has started to work with me differently although it has stretched me beyond my comfort zone at times, I have embraced the change. I get so much out of helping people, helping them with their grief and letting them know their loved ones are safe well. Every day I thank God for my abilities I also thank the spirit world for working with me.

Life is precious, so enjoy what we have been given remember to practise gratitude every day most of all, never forget that Love is eternal.