I first met Sam around three years ago, after the unexpected passing of my husband. Sam’s given me what no-one else could, a sense of solace and comfort.  Her readings are very specific, to the point where the charm and cheekiness of my husband comes through.  For me, these days, it is a happy experience, a get together and I know from what Sam tells me, my husband is present in my life. Prior to readings I like to jot down a list of questions or things I hope to talk about.  For my last reading I had noted the passing of a friend. My friend loved bright colours and her family had chosen sunflowers and given us a packet of sunflower seeds to remember her by.  Well, my friend did come through at my reading and Sam said to me, as my friend was ‘leaving’ that she was handing me a sunflower. It was a beautiful and unexpected. Sam also mentioned that I had a special occasion coming up and a table set with a white tablecloth.  My birthday was indeed, in around a week’s time and I had booked into the restaurant my husband had taken me for my birthday prior to his passing. When I arrived at the restaurant, although I did not request it, I was shown to the same table my husband and I had last sat at and the same seat.  My friend who came along with me was shown to the seat my husband had sat at and she jokingly said she hoped she wasn’t sitting on his lap! A couple of days earlier I had caught up with some other friends who presented me with a bouquet of flowers and there, sitting in the middle of the bouquet was a beautiful sunflower. Sam is the loveliest person and I adore what she does.   It’s like sitting around with the family and having a chat.  Other family members are present at my readings. When I get down, which I do, I like to think back over the readings and look at my notes and remind myself, we’ll all talk again soon.  Thank you, Sam. Judy x
I have had two readings with Sam over the past few years. Both have utterly blown me away. She is without any doubt conversing with spirit and the messages conveyed pertained to information that no-one else could ever know. She assisted me in clarifying some information that I needed regarding my Mother’s estate and some confusion I had with regards to wrongdoings in that regard. The session was not only illuminating, it was healing, balancing and comforting in so many ways. Closure is difficult when grieving but these sessions have helped me in attaining a measure of peace and a move towards acceptance. Sam is not only an incredibly gentle personality, she makes an emotional experience that much more enjoyable in that she is genuine, authentic and has a great sense of compassion as well as humour. I am always a little sceptical about these things but Samantha Duly is 100% the real deal and I will never go to anyone else. Sherry-Lee – Perth
A friend encouraged me to see Samantha as she was impressed by her own visit.
Initially I was reluctant, being a bit of a sceptic. Samantha conveyed information about my mum who had passed on years ago and other things about my family .
A few times I had goosebumps with the accuracy of statements and almost shed a tear with some of the revelations.There were a few things I thought were a mistake but when discussing it later with my family they confirmed that these things were also true.It has made me aware that mum is still with me, so I’m glad I saw Samantha and plan to have another reading in the future. Thanks again Jenny, Perth

After seeing Samantha demonstrate her mediumship ability at a Zoom church gathering in England, I contacted her through her website and was very happy to hear back quickly. Samantha has the wonderful gift of communicating with my dear cousin, Joan in San Francisco, CA and my closest friend, Jeanie during our Zoom session. I live in New York so it was fantastic we could connect on Zoom, conveniently and privately. Samantha provided names, occupations and facts which were 100% spot on! When she walked across the room to her kitchen and showed me an orchid plant, I was speechless. During the session, she brought the exotic flower up close to the camera. I knew instantly the significance of her actions. My cousin, Joan, in spirit was a nurse in CA, USA. For years, she would receive orchids from people in her community and she would rehabilitate them with tender loving care, sell them and use the funds for AIDS patients. Of course, I passed the details of our Zoom session to her husband of 31 years and shared with him the joy of knowing, love never dies and spirit helps us navigate our losses and returns hope into our hearts. Kathleen, New York

Immediately upon meeting Sam my nerves were lifted and felt felt so comforted by her soft nature. I didn’t think I would get emotional during the reading, as it was my first time going to a medium and was thinking no one would come through, but as Sam started talking I just knew she was speaking to a loved one. She brought up things I thought no one would know and was spot on about every detail. We had lots of laughs and it was exactly what I needed and had been asking myself for, for awhile. It helped clear the haziness of direction I needed and gave me so much clarity. The reading was perfect and was so cleansing. 100% will be seeing Sam in the future, and I hope to bring a family member one day for them to get answers they seek. Everyone can be a bit skeptic, but as soon as you start speaking to Sam there’s no doubt at all in her ability. Thank you so much, very thankful for you xx Tayler, Perth 

I had the privilege to have a reading with Sam a few weeks ago. It was an amazing experience, I just wished I had booked the whole day with her. My Dad had passed away 5 months ago and I was so lucky that he came through. He brought up lots of things that only my immediate family know just so that I knew it was him. I highly recommend Sam, she was very welcoming & lovely. Look forward to seeing you next time. 😊 Belle, Perth

I booked the session with Samantha and she knew nothing about me or my family prior to attending. I will admit that I was a bit sceptical prior to the appointment, but I was so sad due to the loss of my partner that I decided to “give it a go”. I figured that if I got the tiniest bit of joy/satisfaction from the reading, then it was money well spent. Right from the start, I was astounded how direct and accurate the messages were from my wife. Samantha was able to convince me that she was communicating with her. I know that my wife will always be in my heart, but Samantha has convinced me that she is beside me as well. I went hoping for “a ping pong ball” of information, I left with “a basketball” of information. I will be booking routinely now, probably every 6 months. I am very grateful for the communication I received. Steve, Perth

Just finished a reading with Sam. She is amazing. I walked out of it feeling like I had just had a chat with my mum and sister – Erica, Naracoorte

I would like to say thank you for making my experience such a special time.  I was so amazed and happy with what you passed on to me regarding so many people who I miss dearly and have moved on.  The confirmation of what they are up to and the reassurance from what you were told, that they are happy and watching over us. I had been wanting a sign from my mum for 7 years and I got it.  I know there are non-believers out there and that is their choice but if I could repeat what I was told that would not be the case because the information I was given was so on point it made me cry. The only time I had spoken and met Sam was the day of my appointment of  “Hi how are you, a bit chilly today” and then we got into it. I feel lighter happier and content.  It was wonderful. Tara, Perth

“I have been fortunate to have had readings from Sam over the past decade. Sam’s warm and caring nature is always matched by her many detailed and heartfelt validations from loved ones who have passed over. The guidance she has given has been of tremendous value to help me navigate complicated or sensitive issues, and even awakening me to issues I have been unaware of but needed to hear. I would highly recommend Sam as a very talented medium with a very special gift, and I will continue to see Sam for many years to come. Rachel, Naracoorte

Hi Sam, I was very happy with my reading. You were spot on about Mary she passed away a few weeks after my reading. You mentioned Cath and I didn’t understand at the time, but I do now. She passed away a few days after Mary. I felt very comfortable during the reading and it was great connecting to my family on the other side 💜 thank you 💜 Sue, Naracoorte

Absolutely can’t recommend Sam enough. The things she said in my reading today were incredible. Some stuff didn’t make sense at the time but after speaking to family later, it was made clear. I am still in awe hours later at everything she said. My cousin and friend have now booked to see her after hearing about my reading and I’m booked in again for November. Thank you so much!! Courtney, Perth

Hi Sam, I just wanted to let you know that your appointment brought me so much comfort.  I was recommended you by a friend and she was spot on with your accuracy.  Only my dad would say the things that you were communicating to me.  The appointment was full of tears and laughs, and I can’t wait to come back again.  My sister has also seen you as well and was blown away by the appointment.  She too left feeling comforted and happy with her communications with dad. Thanks, so much for your wonderful service 😇 xx Ange, Perth

Hi Sam, Just a short message to tell you how eternally grateful I am for the amazing reading you did for me recently. The impact of the recent passing of my Dad has been enormous for me and to be able to walk away knowing he is ok, and with my mum is so consoling. I literally felt like I had just had a phone call from him and your ability to pass on info to me in way that left me with absolutely no doubt he was in the room with us.  I am literally blown away with your mediumship ability. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say… Truly appreciative, Sue – Perth

Hi Sam, I really enjoyed my reading I had along with my mum and sister.  My dad came through straight away, which confirmed to me that he is still around so to receive affirmation that he is watching over us was fantastic to hear. You also knew so many other things about him and  also information of other relatives and were spot on. You have a wonderful gift and I would definitely have another reading in the future and would highly recommend you to anyone that wants to connect with family and friends that have passed away… Thanks again x Rachael, Perth

Hi Sam, I’m finding writing this testimonial very difficult to write as I just can’t put into words the enormity of the reading, I experienced with you. When one loses a parent to a dreadful disease, those last weeks are really tough as in some instances the parent sleeps a lot, is disconnected and is not that coherent, and certainly for me, I had questions about how my mom was feeling during that time. I also needed to know whether the funeral was to her satisfaction. All of these things go such a long way to healing ourselves. The reading answered so many questions, reduced an anxiety I had manufactured, and the session has made me so much stronger. I am in awe of you, you have this incredible, wonderful gift that the rest of us do not possess. I am still overwhelmed with the amount of detail that you provided about specific topics and people. I found it so typical that my mom was still dispensing the same advice to me even after she had passed! I really miss my mom, but I have strength knowing that she is around and is looking over me.  After the session I went home and checked her watch that I had kept. The hands had stopped at 3pm, just like she had said. Sam, Perth

Hi Sam, thank you so much for seeing me & spending longer time than planned, you were so spot on with my friend & you even had Goosebumps when you said my friend’s son is an electrician! You even said the date she passed & why, now feel like I’ve got more closure by having you connecting with her. You are a very special person with very & unique gift. Thank you Sam all the best to you. Coralie, Perth

I saw Sam a few weeks ago and can’t get over how accurate and amazing she was. She spoke with my grandparents and brother and knew names and all sorts of relevant information. What Sam told me helped calm me and prepare for a stressful work situation I had coming up.  She was so accurate with what was going on and how to deal with it. Once I left two other pieces of information, she gave me clicked I can’t believe I didn’t realise at the time, but I was so in shock at all the information and energy she was presenting me with.  Thank you, Sam., You have been the most genuine and correct medium I’ve ever seen.  I have recommended you to all my friends! Jessica, Perth

Thank you, Sam, for the incredible reading mum and I had. We have been struggling with the loss of my brother, and your reading has reminded us that our loved ones are with us. You were so accurate and some of the things we were unsure of at the time we’ve had validated from family and friends. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to connect to a loved one to book a reading with you. Thank you for sharing your gift with us Sam. Katrina, Perth

Thank you to the amazing Samantha Duly yesterday. Her accuracy and help she gave to so many people is truly mind blowing. A fantastic afternoon of Mediumship. We are truly blessed. Raelene, Geraldton

Blessings and thank you for an amazing class on Saturday in Geraldton. How lucky are we to have a world class teacher who walks the walk and talks the talk. Samantha I leant a lot and gained so much more insight. I feel so much clearer on things. I enjoyed meeting the other ladies and seeing what you taught set them on their path.

You really do shine your light and alleviate others pain when grieving and help them know and understand that our loved ones who die never really do. They are just a thought away. Thank you again lovely lady. Sue, Geraldton

I enjoyed my reading with Sam.  My Nan came through. I was very close to her and miss every day so to receive affirmation that she is watching over us was fantastic. You have a wonderful gift Sam, thank you. Kerryn, Naracoorte, SA

My reading with Sam was my first ever one, so I was a bit unsure what to expect. I was so happy to hear from my Mum and Dad, Auntie and Nanna. Within minutes she had all of them through. She knew their names (some she spelt out, some she said straight away) and details of how my Mum and Dad passed and who found them. She gave me their messages and told me about things that they have seen us do since. They were even asking what was with our broken fly screen! As it happened, we were getting a new one fitted that same day. So much information that would have been impossible for anyone else but me to know about. I would highly recommend Sam, she has such a fabulous gift and I’m lucky to have crossed paths with her. Vicky, Perth

My sister and myself went to Samantha in December. She absolutely blew us away and we have not stopped talking about our experience with her. Our grandfather came through so strongly and Samantha picked up on things no one else could ever know! I have since told my grandma and even the things that didn’t quite make sense to us made perfect sense to her. Samantha is amazing at what she does. We loved our experience! Thanks again, Rachael, Perth 

All I can say is WOW! I has my reading a few days ago and I am still in absolute shock about how amazing Sam is. She spoke about things that were so detailed and no one else would know about, there were even spirits there that I did not know, but she gave me the names and I checked them up with family and they were my relatives. I did not tell Sam anything about myself or who I wanted to make contact with, but as soon as I sat down my grandma was there and the first thing she did was blow me kisses which is so much like her. The dates and names she gave me and details of items were incredible, I am still on a high now knowing my grandma is with me every day and I cannot thank Sam enough for making this happen. I have booked more readings with Sam because I have never felt so in touch with my late relatives! Thanks again Sam I cannot wait for our next meeting. Madleine, Perth

I have just recently had a reading with Sam at my cousins house whilst visiting Perth…..all I can say is WOW , amazing , so much information and all of it so accurate. More than I could ever have hoped for, such a comfort……thank you Sam! Dawn   Sunshine Coast, Qld

I had a reading by Samantha, so did a few friends and family and she is A- MAZING! Sam got every thing correct about my family/friends who have passed.. even their personality was down to a T! Everyone was so amazed and we all cant stop talking about it! I cant wait to see her again to see what more she can get! Emily, Perth

I recently had a reading with Sam…I was blown away by her accuracy ….she told me things that no one else knew . ..extremely  accurate with names and dates…. Lorna, Perth

My experience with Sam was nothing short of incredible. I had heard information & stories 2nd & 3rd hand, from colleagues etc but didn’t quite know what to expect- well, to say I was blown away is an understatement. Sam has an amazing gift and my time with her left me- and my husband, who is the ultimate sceptic- happy, sad, gobsmacked, astounded….and hugely comforted, with the most incredible, specific details that left us pretty speechless. I will definitely be back to see Sam in the future. Karen, Perth

Samantha was absolutely amazing! A truly gifted medium who connected with my loved one at a much needed time. Her reading was unbelievably accurate and the things I didn’t know at the time were confirmed by family members after my appointment. I have never had an experience quite like it! I now have no doubt that spirits can connect with us after passing. There was no possible way she could’ve known things she told me, she confirmed the most private details only family knew. This blew me away and gave me total belief she was in fact communicating with my loved one! Incredible!! I’ll be back again for sure! Thank you so very much Samantha!! Rebecca, Perth

Hi Sam, I came to you last night for a reading my friend bought me for my birthday and never in a million years did I think I would walk out feeling the way I did.You are such an amazing person and the fact that I got to speak to my Dad again after 3 years was so very emotional.  We were so close and his passing was sudden and I miss him each and every day. I miss him so very much and to know that he is ok and he is not in pain anymore and the stuff he said about me and the family blew my mind.Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait for my next reading in January. Love and Bless you. Jax, Perth

From the start until the end I was impressed and amazed of how quickly my grandfather came through….I never knew what to expect being my first time seeing a medium and having a reading done. it was when my sons late father came through that totally broke my heart I couldn’t believe it I really didn’t know what to expect but things that were said and things she knew were very accurate without anything being said by me. There were certain words id been longing for him to say since the tragic loss of him….. and he did….now I believe I got closure and I can now start grieving…..I am 100% going to see Samantha Duly again and again and again….anything to be in some sort of contact with my sons father 🙂 – Jayde, Perth

Hi Sam, I just finished my first session with you. I was a little bit in shock so I know I didn’t really say much, but I really wanted to let you know how incredible you are, and how grateful I am for you putting me in touch with my dad. I didn’t really know what to expect and felt like it was going to be a challenging read, but you nailed it, so many accurate details and things I needed to hear. I can’t thank you enough. Jess, Perth

Hi Sam, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was on Saturday, as was my friend, and feel so blessed to know that Mum is definitely still around and looking out for the family – it meant the world to me – so thank you x Jeanette, Perth

While visiting Australia I made an appointment to meet Sam. I told her absolutely nothing about my arrival in Australia, why I was visiting or when I was leaving. During my hour with her she picked up on everything about my past and current situation. She knew that I was here for a wedding and that there was a New Zealand contact (I am South African and was here for my New Zealand cousin’s wedding in Australia). Sam knew what industry I worked in without me giving any hint and she even knew about my hidden tattoos. I had a brilliant Medium session with my mum and best friend, through Sam who was unbelievably accurate. She could even tell me that I would be turning 40 in 2018!!! Something I had to calculate after she said it. I have visited many mediums and pyschics in my years but have never experienced such accuracy as I had with Sam. She is an amazing person, extremely humble and has a very comforting aura about her. I look forward to my next session with Sam – she is incredibly gifted! – Chantelle, Zimbabwe

Hi Sam, I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful reading. You were so spot on with a lot of what you picked up on and events have occurred that you mentioned during the reading that didn’t come to light until a week or two after our reading. I would recommend you to anyone. You were very easy to talk to and l look forward to receiving another reading from you in the near future. Take care Regards Kim – Perth

Both my daughter & I met Sam at a ‘Psychic High Tea’, which was an fabulous afternoon both spiritually & food wise!! My daughter then had a private reading with Sam, which was amazing; Dates, names & reference to what was happening in my daughter’s life were spot on.Contact with our loved ones from the spirit world was so special, giving my daughter the guidance she was looking for & knowing that her Pop is always looking out for her gave her the peace she needed after his passing. Thank you Sam – I’m sure that we will see you again xxx Tash – Perth

From the moment I met Sam I felt her beautiful warm energy. My reading was absolutely accurate. She knew names dates and conditions of crossing over. I know without doubt that she made contact with my partner on the other side and this has given me a great peace. Thank you for sharing your gift Sam. Love Linda, Perth xx

It was my great pleasure to receive a reading from Sam who had no knowledge of my circumstances and only knew me by first name only (a shortened version of my real name). I had randomly selected Sam after a search of Google and provided a contact number of a friend. I was also not referred to Sam by anybody as I wanted to ensure she had no way of tracing or knowing my circumstances. I was welcomed by Sam and my reading commenced. I responded to Sam with only “yes” or “no” answers and showed no emotion throughout. The reading was amazing and uncanny and Sam was able to describe events and details and give names that she could not have possibly or humanly known. I walked in a sceptic and walked out a true believer that somewhere, somehow and through people such as Sam, we are able to connect to our loved ones. The accuracy of the reading was again incredibly detailed and accurate and I would highly recommend Sam. Thank you Sam for putting my mind at peace and for giving me the opportunity, through your unique and special gifts, to connect with my loved ones who are no longer with us. Thank you again for sharing your gift. Gina, Perth

“My reading with Sam was so awesome. I have seen a few mediums over the years, but her reading was the most accurate and genuine I’ve ever experienced. I left there feeling like I had just spent an hour speaking with my Nanna. It was a wonderful experience to know that she is with me and knows exactly what is going on in my life and thoughts for that matter! It’s so special to discover that our loved ones who have passed are with us, and guiding us on our journey It definitely made my soul feel lighter and Sam had a lovely energy and was very warm which enhanced the whole experience. Thank you again Sam, you have a beautiful gift”. Morgan, Qld

My reading with Sam was really incredible! She has an amazing gift to be able to connect to our loved ones who have died. I’ve seen a range of psychics & mediums who are all very gifted in different ways but Sam was by far the most accurate, in fact, she made me feel like I wasn’t just sitting in the room with her but my mum and brother were there too and she was just speaking on their behalf. The experience was quite mind-blowing really, I left Sam feeling happy and excited you could say, knowing my mum and brother are with me and they really do know everything that’s going on in my life, it’s very comforting. Sam also gave me some valuable insights into my health and some very positive messages for the future so I look forward to that. Thanks Sam you are one in a million!” Marcia, Perth

Thank you for the reading Sam, it was more than I hoped for. Contact with my family in the spirit world felt amazing and knowing they are all together and watching over us. You were so spot on with names dates and places, thank you I will be contacting you in the future for another reading. Lyn, Baldivis

“I would like to say that the reading I had with Sam was truly amazing.  After losing my dear Dad I was really struggling with the fact that he was actually gone.  I had never been to a reading before so wasn’t sure what to expect. The information Sam provided at my reading was incredibly accurate.  Dates, places, information on other family members, things my Dad had said, the special name he called my husband and other intimate details that only my immediate family would know came through. Even describing his unique personality convinced me he was with us. There were a couple of things that were mentioned at the reading that didn’t quite make sense at the time until a few weeks later when they actually happened.  These two incidents that happened were exactly as Sam had stated at the reading.  I walked away from the reading feeling uplifted and with a wonderful sense of peace.  It gives me enormous comfort knowing that my Dad is still around us.  Sam, you really do have a wonderful gift and I cannot thank you enough for the peace you have given me.  Thank you x. Judy, Perth

After losing my brother Michael who was and will always be my best friend, I was struggling with life itself. I couldn’t cope knowing that I could never see him again, my heart was broken. My family had a reading with Sam and I received a call from my sister about what had been said….I booked an appointment! During my session I was blown away by what I heard, it was very emotional but so comforting at the same time knowing that my Michael was at peace and happy. By the end of my session I walked away feeling as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and very slowly starting to live again, just like Mick asked me to do. I got my closure that I needed and that is all because of a very extraordinary and special lady….Sam. Thank you so much Sam from the bottom of my heart x Darlene, Perth

I love watching medium shows on t.v and was always intrigued by them. A week after my brother Michael’s suicide. I was drawn to Sam Duly and booked my appointment, the month wait was exciting as It gave me something to look forward to.  I took my mother, daughter and sister in law with me as we all needed to hear what Sam had to say. Sam’s reading lasted an hour and a half and the whole time I was shocked and had a goose bumps. It was impossible for her to know all the info she had given us, from how and why he had taken his own life, his kids names ages and sex, songs that were played at his funeral, things I had put on his coffin, what we had done the weeks after his  death, things we had planned for the future and so much more. We had all walked in with expectations but nothing like  we had received, we left feeling a bit brighter knowing Michael was still around. Sam has kindly agreed to do a fundraiser reading and donating proceeds to a suicide prevention organisation. You have an amazing gift Sam, and thank you for sharing it with us. Chrisstie, Perth

Thank you for your amazing reading that has given me peace and closure, your accuracy was unbelievable and I have already recommended you to my friends. I was a little skeptical at first but now a true believer as you knew things I’d never told anyone.Thanks again. Michael, Perth

I can’t thank you enough for the reading you gave me, Sam. You were absolutely lovely and your reading was so accurate it was amazing (and reassuring)! I have felt so much calmer and happier since you were able to contact my Nan. The information that you gave could only come from her and the fact that she knew about a surprise I hadn’t told anyone at all about, just proves to me that she’s still around. You have such an amazing gift and I’m so happy to have been able to get a reading from you. Jess, Applecross

I didn’t know what to expect never thinking that I would be so close to so many relatives in such a calm environment. Sam brought forward such facts that can only be described as impossible to know 1 or 2 ok accepted but dozens upon dozens of dates names and things that had occurred over the years and as recently as the day before seeing her. But the most insightful comments about what is currently happening in my life and what my relatives thought about what I was currently doing to pinpoint accuracy and the guidance given was definitely the most powerful. The relative ease with which Sam brings forward these most emotional topics can only be described as thoroughly professional. Samantha is certainly a passionate and very unique individual and well worth a trip and like all great things worth waiting for 🙂 Mark, Perth

Thank you again for my reading last week. It was mind blowing how exact with names and specific items (both present and past) you were. I was do fortunate that my grandmother was able to come through and give me the hope that she is still around my family and I.      I will be back to see who else makes an appearance, Rebecca, Perth 🙂

I would just like to thank  you for my reading last week. You are incredible, so exact with names and just everything, I was so pleased, you have helped me to try and move on with my life, difficult but not impossible.   Judy, Perth x

Amazing is the word I would use to describe Samantha Duly and her wonderful gift! After losing my Dad two and a half years ago I was feeling quite depressed, lost and not able to cope with my grief. My Dad passed suddenly and there were so many unanswered questions that I needed answers to. Up until this time I had been quite skeptical and a friend recommended Samantha to me so I decided to contact her and have a telephone reading. I was totally blown away with her knowledge. Sam knew things about my Dad’s passing that only I knew. I was so grateful to Sam that both my Dad and my Grandmother came through to me that day and shared some beautiful memories and powerful messages. The reading gave me such an overwhelming feeling and it was incredibly healing for my grief. It is something I will treasure forever and I cannot express enough gratitude to Sam for her help. I then lost my Mum to leukemia only three months ago and through Sam I was able to reconnect with her in a face to face reading. My Mum and I were so close and it was so wonderful to be able to hear her messages through Sam. I could have stayed there all day because it gave me such a calm feeling. Sam’s amazing gift has given me peace of mind that both my parents are now reunited and are happy and I know that they will always be watching over me and my two beautiful daughters. For this I will always be eternally grateful to Sam, Nadine, South Australia xx

This was my first reading with a medium. I was SO happy with the accuracy of Sam’s interpretation of what my special family had to tell me from the ‘other side’. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is needing comfort in knowing our loved ones are still around us. Our spirits and souls live on. Thank you so much Sam, for sharing your gift so others can benefit. Karen, Perth

Dear Sam, I can only describe the reading as amazing. Thank you so much for passing messages on from my loved ones. You were so accurate in my reading. You made me feel very relaxed and once we finished I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I would highly recommend you to my friends. Keep up the good work. God gave you a wonderful gift.Thanks again. Stef, Perth W.A.

It was my first time ever to visit a medium. As soon as I entered the room, I felt relaxed and comforted. Samantha, told me things that I needed to know. I would recommend anyone interested in hearing things that loved ones that have past over have to say and that they are watching over us all. Thank you Samantha, I have heard reasons that have made me believe living is worth while, as have been suffering with severe depression for some years…. Keep up the good work Samantha….. Steve

Dear Sam, Thank you from the bottom of my heart is all I can say to you. After I lost my darling Mum and Dad I have felt so lost, and then after I lost my Mum I feel that part of me has died with her. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of them. I so desperately wanted to hear from them and know that they are still with me even though I feel they are still around me. When I came to see you I felt so at ease with your gentleness and then when you began to tell me all those details, It was truly such an amazing experience to listen to you say things that only we knew. You were so accurate with all that you said, you are such an amazing person who has been given a wonderful gift.  I am so glad that I had the privilege to meet you Sam. I would recommend you to anyone, it will be an honour. Thank you once again from my heart. Judy, Perth

I was 4 when my father suddenly passed away. At my reading without prompting Sam sensed my father’s presence and accurately provided his name and personal details, along with the names of his two brothers, his best friend, and my Grandmother who has also passed. She described events- both recent and in the distant past- such as my sister’s wedding, as well as the names of people who have featured throughout my life. It were as if my Dad was right in the room having a conversation with her, telling her intricate details of my life across the years. It was a very emotional interaction, but one I am so grateful for and am sure will have an ever-lasting comforting influence on my life. After just one session, Sam had provided clear and convincing evidence that my Dad has been with me ever since his death. Her caring approach made this delicate meeting a very easy and respectful experience. Sam has a truly incredible gift, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Vanessa, Perth, W.A.

Thank you Sam for such a surreal reading and for “bringing in” my darling family. The information you gave was detailed and so accurate.  I am overjoyed with the connection you made with our loved ones. Thanks just doesn’t seem enough but thank you! Maureen, NSW

My first experience of Sam’s quite extraordinary gift was not at a  personal sitting but came quite literally……. out of the blue. I met  Sam for the first time in June, we were all invited to an event. Sam took me to one side & turned to me and asked me if she could tell me something – as she was receiving a message for me & could see my grandfather standing next to me. To say that I was stunned by the information that Sam then passed on to me is an understatement. Information that nobody in my adult life would have known. I have a strong spiritual belief which made the information that I received very special to me. It had also come at a particularly challenging time for me and it was to prove very  comforting. In July 2012, I booked a sitting with Sam just before she returned to Australia. It was to prove another extraordinary experience and one in which my late mother came through. My childhood had not been an easy or particularly happy one but the evidence I received put a lot of the events of the past to rest. I had not gone to see Sam with this intent in mind at all but I came away from Sam feeing like “a jigsaw had been completed without me realising that a piece had been missing”. It was the start of a very special healing process for me, one which continues today and has made me very much lighter of heart. Thank you Sam. Fi, Sussex, UK

Sam is a wonderful medium with a beautiful gift. She is completely accurate and was able to give me information that no one else could possibly know. Throughout the whole reading Sam me feel nurtured and cared for. During a time filled with such grief Sam gave me comfort by telling me messages from loved ones and giving me faith in the afterlife. I know now that I am loved and never alone and I have Sam to thank for that. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift and helping me through the hardest time in my life. I will be forever grateful and recommending you to all of my family and friends. Kristy, Perth

Dear Sam, My reading with you was amazing. I wanted to tell you firstly how calm and nurtured I felt in your presence. I know you connected with my great grandmother because of the details that you gave me that there is no way you could have known. I was also amazed by the initials of two people you gave me that are very close to me and also names of others that I didn’t know what they meant at the time, but those two people called me the very next morning with important news. The relevance of the information and guidance was so helpful to what I have been trying to process within myself about my own intuition/spirituality and other things in my life. The reading really touched my heart, I will definitely be back. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift, Adrienne, Perth

My Mum and I went for a reading with Sam recently and were totally blown away with how accurate she was. Not only did Sam validate first names, she validated surnames! The reading she gave was amazing. The people she connected with told her things that only Mum and I knew. She validated dates, addresses and even a conversation that Mum had had with my other sister that morning. We both came away feeling very comforted. Sam is such a warm, sweet person who will make you feel at ease from the moment you meet her. It was a wonderful hour spent with Sam that will be talked about for years. We look forward to meeting Sam again. Amazing! Sharon, Perth

Dear Sam, Thank you very much for the unforgettable reading which changed the way I look at life.  It’s been a week since I had a reading with Sam and I still cannot forget each and every word of the accurate reading. I went in as a confused person and left as a relieved and happy person knowing that my mum whom I loved and missed so much is still watching on me. When I went for the reading I did not know what to expect or how it worked but Sam’s gentleness and calmness eased me in and her ability to connect to our beloved ones is just amazing! She communicated the comforting words of my mum who passed away two years back, revealing to me things related to her death that were so accurate that I was speechless! I had goose bumps all throughout on hearing the exactness of the messages she relayed. Sam you are a truly gifted person from above and a rare find. Thanks Sam. Lovena, Perth

I would like to thank you Sam, for your amazing reading and a life changing experience I will always remember. The accuracy of the messages you provided to me from my loved ones in Spirit  were astounding and left me with no doubt of your gift. You put me at ease immediately and were so down to earth and lovely. It was a wonderful experience that provided me with a tremendous sense of comfort and I am truly grateful to you. Thank you again Sam, from the bottom of my heart, and I look forward to meeting with you again one day. Louise, Tapping, WA

Samantha Duly is an exceptionally talented psychic medium. Her ability to communicate with those who have passed over is truly amazing. Sam’s ability to relay messages from the spiritual world to us loved ones is comforting and uplifting. I highly recommend that if you ever have the chance to spend time with Samantha and have a one on one reading, you will not be disappointed. Sam’s accuracy is astounding and somewhat overwhelming on how spot on she is. Kylie,  Naracoorte SA.

Sam, I write this on the evening of my first visit to you – a birthday gift from my family. I have always wanted to believe in the afterlife, but I’m the type of person who requires some validation of this, and your reading has done that for me. I really do believe you were communicating with my beautiful grandmother and the sense of relief I have about this is indescribable. You are, as some might say, “the real deal.” Thank you. Kelly, Perth, WA

Hi Sam – Workshop on Psychic Development

I had a great time spending the day with you on the 11/11/2011, I learned so much from you and cant wait to see you again as i am building on the knowledge you gave me and helping people like you do. It really was an experience I will never  forget.Thank you so much. Llewellyn, SA

Sam gave me a reading recently and  I was blown away by what she could tell me. I was a bit nervous as I had never experienced anything like this before, but she made me feel so welcome and comfortable from the second we met. Sam was very accurate, knowing things that I would never have thought possible. She was able to tell me correct names and dates and gave me confirmation that loved ones are always around us. Sam was also able to give me some very valuable advice and guidance for the future. She is a lovely person and I will definitely be going back one day! Cassie, Perth, WA

“I have seen many respected mediums over the years including Allison DuBois, Lisa Williams and John Holland. I can honestly say that Sam Duly is amazingly gifted, profoundly accurate, and passes on her messages from Spirit with a beautiful grace and warmth. I highly recommend Sam to anyone who is looking for words of comfort from passed over loved ones. She is the real deal.” – Rachel, Naracoorte, SA

Thank you for such a lovely and informative Sunday at  Naracoorte the open readings you did for the audience was so wonderful to hear, the accurate account of all the the past families and relatives was so spot on. It was amazing, the peace and  joy you bought to all of us it was most heart felt ,thank you Samantha. Mary, Naracoorte, SA

Hi Sam, What can I say except OMG! You are amazing. As my reading was a surprise birthday gift I had no idea I was having a reading until you came out to meet me, (yes I have the best friend ever!) From the second I walked in, your calming presence made me feel as if I had known you my whole life. Your accuracy was beyond anything I could have expected. You have confirmed for me that those we love don’t ever really leave us, and that the loving ties we shared in the physical life are not broken because a loved one passes into the spirit world. Your messages were not only accurate, but also very personal, which made the reading all the more special. So I’d like to say a very sincere thank you and may you continue to bring a sense of comfort to the many others who have lost a loved one. A very gifted medium, and a very gentle soul. With much love and appreciation Sherri, Perth

In June 2010 I unexpectedly lost my soul mate, wife, friend and mother of our 4 children. At that time I couldn’t understand why it happened and it was certainly felt it not fair to me or my children. On my birthday on April the 2nd 2011, I was lucky to have been given a present of a reading with Samantha. It was during this reading that everything I had learned on my spiritual journey to find the answers to my questions was about what I have learned as “Validation” – The confirmation beyond a doubt that the message one is receiving is truly from loved ones that have passed over. I have listened to my reading a number of times since that day, and I can say with absolute confidence that Samantha was, beyond a doubt able to validate the information she shared with me. I am now completely convinced that my wife’s spirit came though on that wonderful day, and I am still getting more and more messages, all of which are continuing to answer all of my questions, and more. I strongly recommend to anyone who is on their own spiritual journey, or those who want true confirmation that their loved ones ares still here with us, that you book in to see Samantha immediately. I know she is very busy, and I now know why and that you may have to wait until she is available, but believe me it is more than worth it. It is truly an opportunity to find that wonderful warm feeling you had before your loved ones passed on, and will help you, as it did for me to have all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fall in to place that will give you peace in your heart .
Whether you want to start your own spiritual journey, or just learn that your loved ones are still with you every day, Samantha will be able to help you through this wonderful life changing experience.
Thank you Samantha, you have helped myself and my family more than you could ever know . Mick, Perth

My reading with Sam was absolutely mind blowing! It was such a positive, uplifting experience. I came away feeling very happy and even now, I think about it all the time.  Sam has a very gentle and respectful energy about her and she makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. The information she shared was accurate and a lot of the things she said only I could have known. My grandmother came through and it was very reassuring to know that her spirit is still around and “watching” over mine and my family’s lives. One of the things Sam said that didn’t make sense was that my grandmother showed her a bunch of daffodils and said I would know what that meant. I wasn’t sure and did question it but Sam was certain it was a bunch of daffodils. A few days later I told my Mum (who lives in the UK) the daffodil message and she was blown away. Earlier that week she had visited my grandmother’s grave for the first time since her passing and had picked a bunch of daffodils for her. Separately, my grandmother’s sister had done the same thing on the same day. Amazing! There were tears all round. I highly recommend Sam to anyone considering a reading with her and have already started referring many friends and family to her. She truly has a wonderful gift.  Roxanne, Perth, WA

Sam is a fantastic medium who provides fantastic evidence from the spirit world.  A reading with Sam is laden with confirmation of the continued existence of the soul.  I have had a number of readings from Sam and have always been amazed by her psychic and mediumistic abilities.  I recommend her without hesitation!  Steve, Tennessee

Sam kindly did a phone reading for me a few months ago and all I can say is OMG!! She was very spot on , went straight to the point and didn’t ask any questions.
At the end of the reading the hairs on my back were standing so much so that I called her a Witch. Only a very select few are truly gifted and Sam is one of those few. She’s also got a very beautiful spirit. I’ve no doubt that this venture will be a roaring success.  Love and Light. Sade, Melbourne

I have had a couple of readings done for me by Sam and have found each one to be extremely accurate and positive. Sam is able to supply exact names and locations of people connected to me. She was able to read me from across the world and gave me a lengthy detailed reading. Not only did she provide me with a communication from relatives but she also made future predictions which have started coming true. An extremely gifted medium!    Hannah, UK

I was amazed at the things you said about me by just looking at my picture.  You were very accurate on a lot of points, especially on certain things that no-one else knows about.  Thought the whole reading was very positive and accurate, well done. Donna, UK

My reading with Samantha was like a gift from a spirit.  Samantha  made me feel comfortable, since I was so nervous and did not know what to expect from the experience and it was all very fresh from my fathers passing. My father came through immediately and Samantha’s message was totally validated through specific details that came out in the reading things that only I knew and had not spoken of to even my husband.  When my father passed I felt totally lost and surrounded by grief  after my reading with Samantha, I felt such joy and a release of the grief that engulfed me. I know that I connected with my  father in spirit, and that he is  still a part of my life and he knew things that were happening in my life. Samantha’s  reading was such a gift to me and I feel Samantha’s mediumship can be such a gift to others who grieve. I truly believe the reading with Samantha  has helped my healing process. Lisa King, Perth